Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone/Granite

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Care and Maintenance of Granite

To avoid having problems with your stone material, be sure to follow the guidelines listed below to prevent any permanent damage.

  • Avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on your countertops
  • Avoid standing on the countertops to fix overhead lights, etc
  • Avoid flame or apply direct heat to tops
    • Always use trivets. Stone is heat resistant, not heat proof
    • Place protective pad on bottoms on the bottom of heavy objects such as pottery or any other object that may scratch the stone surface
    • Use coasters under drinking glasses to prevent glass rings on the surface
    • Do not cut directly on stone tops. This can cause deep and permanent scratches to appear

Cleaning and Sealing Recommendations

Avoid exposing your stone countertop to strong chemicals such as paint removers, over cleaners, acids, oils, juices, etc. If contact occurs, quickly blot spills (do not rub) and then clean with water or the following products

Use These:Avoid These:
Soapy WaterWindex (No Ammonia)Antibacterial spray cleaners and wipesAbrasive Cleaning PadsCitrus CleanersAbrasive Cleaners

To prevent staining, mold and bacteria, we recommend that you re-seal your countertops every 3-4 months, especially after acidic (fruit juices, tomato sauce, vinegar, etc) or chemical spills.

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