Butcher Block: Use and Care

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Care and Maintenance for Laminate Countertops

With Proper Maintenance, Wood Will Last a Lifetime

Cutting and food preparation surfaces made of solid hardwood butcher block are food-safe, cutlery-friendly and will endure a lifetime of use when properly maintained. Follow these cleaning and care tips to extend the life and performance of your butcher block surface.

Durakryl 102® Finished Butcher Block

Wood Welded® butcher block countertops, commercial foodservice tops, islands, industrial/institutional bench tops and locker benches come factory finished with DURAKRYL 102®, a UV light-cured, food-safe protective finish that is resistant to stains and safe for most cleaning products and solvents.


For best results, clean finished butcher block surfaces with soapy water or commonly available kitchen counter top cleaners. Do not use abrasives or powder cleansers. Do not allow moisture stand on the surface for prolonged periods of time.

Should a stubborn spill—like red wine—stain the surface, it can be easily removed with a bleach solution or finger nail polish remover with no damage to the finish.

Cutouts & Cutoffs

If the butcher block top is modified by cutting, machining or sanding, the finish must be reapplied to prevent cracking, delamination and/or warping. These modifications must be sealed immediately to prevent moisture change within the top.

We strongly recommend using Wood Welded’s Good Stuff® Urethane Gel, an easy-to-use, clear satin protective finish. Note: modification will void the warranty.


Wood Welded butcher block is suited for cutting and food preparation directly on the surface, however, this may degrade the finish, requiring the block to be refinished more quickly. The decision to refinish should be based on personal preference.

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