Written by Vivek Pant

Tips on how to maintain kitchen hygiene

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house. The place where you
make healthy meals for your family, the place where you store all your food and keep your utensils and other appliances. An unhygienic kitchen may attract insects and germs which can cause harmful diseases. Keeping your kitchen hygienic is as important as drinking clean water. If you cook in the dirty area, your food will get contaminated and can cause serious health problems.

So, here
are some easy and important tips to remember to keep your cooking area clean
and hygienic:

1. Wash the kitchen towels, aprons, and other kitchen clothes regularly. As
the germs and bacteria gather on dirty clothes. Use a disinfectant and
wash those clothes in hot water properly.

2. Clean your kitchen appliances at regular intervals of time. Or make a
schedule to clean them. Cleaning of kitchen appliances is always taken for
granted making it the home for germs and bacteria. Appliances like oven, which get greasy should be on the top of the priority list.

3. Washing your food before cooking may save you from the impurities that are stick to them. But try to wash them thoroughly with hot water to remove all the germs and impurities from the vegetables and fruits.

4. Before making food in the kitchen keep yourself clean first. Wash your
hands properly before making food in the kitchen. You touch so many things indoors or outdoors which has dirt and germs that get on your hands once you touch it. So, wash your hands properly with a hand wash to prevent those germs to go in your food.

5. Clean the kitchen cabinets, almirahs and refrigerators properly on  a regular basis to check that there are no waste food items inside and to ensure proper air circulation in the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets. Make a schedule of cleaning refrigerators once a week to ensure that there is no rotten foodstuff inside. As expired or rotten food produce unpleasant stench on the cabinets and the fridge.

6. Your food should be stored properly in the kitchen which equally
important as cleaning the kitchen properly. While storing foodstuff in the fridge make sure that the food is at room temperature or lower than that as storing warm food items in the fridge will lead to an uneven cooling of the food eventually causing food poisoning. Cover your food items if kept in open to keep the germs away from your food.

7. Post cooking cleaning, post-cooking cleaning is the clean up after you are
done cooking up the food and other work in the kitchen, the most important thing you should take care of is cleaning up the kitchen before leaving it. Throw all the waste in the dustbin, clean the slab, the stove and never leave dirty utensils for a longer time, wash them properly to avoid the smell and germs.

8. Always try to keep your kitchen insects and rat-free. As once they enter
your kitchen, you can not imagine where they’ve been and what they’ve
touched and your health can be at risk. Use pest-controls to get rid of them as they spread harmful diseases wherever they go.

If you want to keep yourself and your family’s health safe, you just have to
follow these easy and healthy tips which will help you to keep your kitchen
clean and hygienic. Always remember to wash your hands properly before
starting cooking and after you are done cooking in the kitchen. Try to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic in order to avoid harmful diseases.

Written by Vivek Pant